Learning the art of LCF

Vikki and Study Abroad students in fashion makeup class

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. The classes at London College Fashion are completely different to my classes back at Cornell. I am taking 6 classes here: 3 mandatory and 3 electives.

The 3 mandatory classes I am taking include British Cultural Studies, Fashion History and Artefact, and Theoretical and Contemporary Fashion Studies.

I was never really so taken by historic sites and museums in the past but these classes have really sparked my interest for architecture and artefacts. The street music at Camden town, graffiti tunnels in Waterloo and gallery at The Royal Academy exposed me to just a tad of what London has to offer.

The classes I chose for elective credit include Fashion Editorial Makeup, Fashion Styling, and Fashion Entrepreneurship and Luxury Brand Management. I have always been fascinated by the art of makeup so I had to pick the Fashion Editorial Makeup class. The class is extremely practical,  just like a lot of the learning at LCF, we watch a demo then recreate a makeup look. I have never really learnt how to apply makeup (besides those Instagram videos I try to duplicate) so while it was challenging at first, it’s a class I always look forward to.

The teaching style at LCF is completely different to what I am used to at Cornell. I am used to managerial accounting and marketing, not fashion makeup and styling. There was always an aspect of practical learning at Cornell and this is something that I see accentuated here at LCF. It was a leap from what I was used to, but it’s broadened my perspective as to what fashion business really entails.

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